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tv   [untitled]    May 4, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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goal gone as washington finally wipes out the man it's been hunting for in afghanistan for so long we ask what's next for the country that's paid an enormous price for the u.s. led operation. stuck in violence the stalemate in libya prompts more talk about coalition ground troops going in but experts say the move could spike the conflicts death toll enormously. and debate rages in russia is a growing number of sexual assaults on children the sparks an initiative to use chemical castration for pedophiles.
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eight am in moscow imax reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story with the u.s. having killed the man who are some who is the reason for going to war in afghanistan nearly ten years ago many are now questioning what that means for the military operation there tremendous cost of the campaign both in human lives and u.s. dollars suggest the temptation is big for washington to declare mission accomplished and leave the country but as artie's marina porton i reports bin laden's death is unlikely to improve life in the war torn country. nine and a half years on the war in afghanistan has grown visibly worse while u.s. rhetoric surrounding it has consistently spun in circles we are making progress and that is what is unable to make the progress that we have made i think it's possible that by the end of this year we will have. since two thousand and three washington
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has repeatedly are cleaned turning points for a conflict that critics call a failing quagmire the reality is that things are still mean that things are worse than they were this time last year every year as we send more troops every year as we spend more money and the insurgency grows and size karzai government gets weaker and gets worse nearly fifteen hundred u.s. soldiers and ten thousand afghan civilians have been killed in a war costing america two billion dollars a week meanwhile after assassinating the man it's been hunting since two thousand and one the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden i disconnect between what the u.s. says and what the world sees may have deepened a defining moment in the war against al qaeda the war on terrorism by decapitating the head of the snake effectively you have this aging sickly old man who really
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hasn't done anything of political significance for a long time and the great kind of triumph against evil that the western leaders are really kind of starting to trumpet so the moments. before him turned into this kind of symbol of evil following the nine eleven attacks he is actually more a creation of the west than he is a real political kind of terrorist threats in himself u.s. officials branded bin laden's killing as a success and strategic blow to al qaeda but it is going to have i think very important reverberations. throughout the area on the uploaded network in that area i think you're going to see them start eating themselves from within more and more this as some see the u.s. turning and spinning fiction into fact in afghanistan itself it's not going to have that much. we're fighting taliban for the afghan taliban in afghanistan we're not
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fighting al qaeda you have a new generation of young radicals who've grown up watching these wars over the past ten years that are far more radical than their predecessors osama bin laden claimed responsibility for the nine eleven attacks that killed nearly three thousand people and devastated new york city nearly ten years later his death is being reported as a victory for the u.s. for the war that america waged to get him still struggles to find a conclusion. hartstein new york. publisher and editor of the nation magazine katrina vanden hugo believes the ten year war on terror by the u.s. hasn't made the world any safer. see the cost of a land war the even secretary of defense robert gates said it was point a few weeks ago any advisor who advised presidents to commit to to learn war should have his head examined i think it is a moment to reappraise that national security template in this country which is not
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made this country safer or more secure now the pretext for war in afghanistan has been radically gathered which led morris these land wars fighting terrorism have done little to costs the cost if you connect that to people's lives and they see that it's not reaching them or security a global war won't make as much sense and it will require let's be honest a benz on the ground to show these policymakers that time is up the latest issue of artes crosstalk piero della and his guests discuss how the world will change after bin laden's death and what will happen if the u.s. pulls out from afghanistan immediately. what is the vacuum that you're going to leave behind and are you going to wind up having afghanistan become again a haven for groups that will attack the u.s. or western interests so i think he might do that and hope and pray that the next major attack doesn't come from afghanistan and doesn't come on his watch but you
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know i things have a way of repeating themselves you know the water flows the same way down to the ocean if you don't change its course and unfortunately i think that's what would happen. from our opinion perspective on the story you can always check out our website feature of their today's the interview with political expert maximina shango who thinks bin laden has become a mythical figure in u.s. politics and find sort of significance in the fact that he was buried at sea in our blog section are american blogger not found says the death of bin laden may be significant but outdated there is now a whole generation of perfect english speaking internet savvy jihad is this logon to our t dot com website for a different point of view from. the official.
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pulled from the. video. or a sense feeds now in the palm of your. comb . as fresh nato air strikes have been heard in the libyan capital overnight there is still little sign of progress reiver side of the conflict that's intensifying talk among nato members about a possible ground operation ryan says spokesman has admitted there is a need for a new u.n. resolution to send in troops but authorities daniel bushell reports the move threatens to massively escalate the violence already taking place. aerial bombardments of libya is reached it did in according to nato libya's leader colonel gadhafi has dug in defensive positions meanwhile civilian casualties from allied bombing continue to mount
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a video conference with russian students and nato spokesman review this solution send in ground troops. the u.n. security council should adopt a new resolution on libya was illusion one thousand seven hundred three there's not invisalign operations we need a new resolution. and forces plan that all along says a leading us law professor clearly what we're seeing unfold in libya is a pre existing war play out by nato by the british by the french by the americans with air moving everything now is going according to plan which is why i believe since they have failed to our polls could our fee which is steps are sol thought are the next stage will be moving into a ground invasion and the powers have to push the international community into supporting war knows what all of that protecting civilians was the claim but
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grabbing the country's resources is the real goal of this and one of the most the. reason transgressions of the rights of a nation national sovereignty and international law that we've seen in the post world war two period the west the u.s. france and britain have been called berkeley according to the evidence that's leaking out covertly arming the opposition to gadhafi in hopes of grabbing control of the oriel and the different parts of libya the libyan government's promise is still for nato if it sends in ground troops some agree such a war may be tougher than expected that we will see increased. not only in the air but also on the ground and maybe this will solve a problem in the perspective of the nato countries maybe. the one who. forming from thirty thousand feet coalition soldiers feel fairly safe but then she
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was activists want putting troops on the ground risks not just more civilian killing but made two deaths as well and the further away they get from high tech and the nearer they get to low tech then the greater the danger of casualties on both sides turkey china and russia who will criticize the bombardment of libya for minister sergei lavrov he thinks nato has already gone far beyond the first u.n. resolution to maintain a no fly zone he hits a second resolution to move in ground troops may not come as easy now several nations feel tricked. if anybody wants to ask for this mandate welcome to the u.n. security council and discuss try to understand what was planned because the digressions from the money that we're seeing now are enough to learn lessons with international opposition on the rois nato states face an uphill task to make the case for more war britain's prime minister will dealt sending ground troops to libya his defense secretary admitted to parliament they planned exactly that but
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you have members good at the number of civilian deaths from nato bombing a drone likely to welcome this collision of the conflict but you see. about twenty minutes you can catch it are you with a british member of parliament one of the few who voted against taking action in libya and sees the air offensive quickly heading toward the ground here's a sneak peek. this is where the if you like the vagueness of the resolution kicks in because it does talk about and forcing and though flies in protecting civilians and using all necessary measures to implement that policy you could theoretically argue that all necessary measures includes attacking the command and control center in tripoli is that legal and i think we have got to be very careful before you commit troops to buckle. you've got to make sure you've got the moral high ground you've got to make sure that it is the measure of last resort where all other avenues of negotiations have been exhausted and i'm not sure we met
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those criteria when it came to libya as well so i think lessons still need to be learnt and i'm afraid we're repeating past mistakes. last paralyze the u.s. to guarantee its new missile interceptor base in eastern europe what pose a threat to russia is comes as romania announced plans to hold part of the u.s. missile defense shield r.t.c. or postcard has more. this time this will be the case the word that a short range interceptor missiles and to romania is also allowing washington to use its biggest to seaboard and the air base will also know that the missile base will be controlled by remaining enough stories even though it will house up to five hundred american staff members and the romanian president has said that by housing the space remaining is a cheating the highest security level in its history and he also stressed that this
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will not be a threat to russia's national security which is not the first time this discussion is going on in fact the romania is a washington's plan and b. when it comes to its a.m.d. plans in europe previously the bush administration wanted to build a base with a long range interceptor missiles in poland he also wanted to build our radar base in the czech republic all this caused a wave of criticism from russia actually this was for a while one of the biggest stumbling points in the really sions between moscow and washington with russia saying that such a system would break the balance also should forces on the european continent would also create a structure to russia's national security so the obama administration scraps these plans in fact for around a year or so there was quite a lot of talk between moscow washington and nato on building up cooperation on more a joint project including the anti missile defense system also
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a strongly for i joined the n.t. missile defense system which would include russia the european union and the united states where all would share the responsibility for one another but when it comes to not the words but action it seems of the alliance has its own plans on the am diva system in europe and is making decisions even on the exact locations of its aliments also on its own without even consulting with russia. later today. in brussels the chief of staff of russia and nato will hold crucial talks with a sensitive issue get in the lead being brought up we'll bring you the latest developments as they happen here on our team. a call is mounting in russia to introduce chemical castration for pedophiles activists say the current laws are slack and allow the criminals to re offend there are those who believe castration is far from a quick fix for such a complex problem but he's worried if an ocean has more. ne ne's a mother of three last summer her four year old daughter was raped constantly
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learned what happened she found the man responsible and beat him to death. i don't want him back i can only say that i just wanted to be sure this animal was punished and would never do such a terrible thing wanted to know it all girl. sadly it is cases not an isolated one in russia in a country where seventy percent of people up and rolled with their virginity to re offend age learn to justice is often used as an attorney to a court of law so well for him lynching is inadmissible it starts with the state veils if poor mothers and fathers knew that offenders would get fifteen years in prison or more would be castrated before being released would never be released and then a satellite tracking children as in the usa the police and know about there if we stay i'm pretty sure they would not reveal who. they have been numerous attempts to
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toughen the laws on paedophiles in russia in a decade dozens of bills stipulate in chemical castration all life in prison and have been discussed way to stay duma but not a single one has passed. or files on to without support and russia this means some police officers receive money for allowing brother walls and downs to operate in the worst of the court system acquitted criminals but i am not always talking about the child porn industry that is so much money and so many people involved in this corruption within this evil is too hard to avoid but some don't give up and fight their own war so the gays hide in his face he says the country's paedophiles a hunting for him killer and information from these papers m.t.v. has created an online database hundreds of offenders including teachers these issues and unemployed at the latter's here. with child profiles and for those who
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are through it in ninety percent of cases of child abuse is real then we are able should know who they are they should know what they look like they should be on alert sergei says in the thirteen years he's been working on the site not a single official has taken any interest in his plight and what have they do have are great the big bases or just don't want the enormity of what we did what they should have done what sex offenders here are divided into categories from those serving sentences today's deceased but there are many who are marketers at large a wanted a terrifying thought for parents everywhere. every day since sixty children become victims of paedophiles he. means in the two weeks we've been working on this we pulled eight hundred kids happy to be. russian legislators have been talking about sex into thing it's creaks they claim to act even more innocent of the.
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regional snow see more. turnout of some other stories making headlines across the globe after a wave of anti pets protests on may day portugal says it's agreed to the terms of a bailout it's been announced the country will borrow some one hundred fifteen billion dollars over three years so make portugal the third eurozone country to request by tension late after greece and ireland portugal's one of western europe poorest countries that has been rocked by protests against austerity measures. amateur footage has emerged of hundreds of people holding a candle lit march in syria they've been reportedly demanding an end to the military siege in the city of daraa and other areas countries have been gripped by protests against the rule of president bashar assad is estimated more than five hundred people have been killed in the crackdown on protesters since their overall began in the mid march. and more than thirty people have been killed in poland in
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traffic accidents caused by unseasonably heavy snowfall one hundred thousand homes are reportedly left without electricity in many regions. but it may be remote but that's part of its attraction a new tourist destination in russia is gaining momentum steadily our facilities are welcoming visitors from all across the globe an hour he's eager on the road nerve explores the a model in the next region one of which is a most of which is beyond the arctic circle. it's so far north most of us located beyond the arctic circle it's so remote it takes eight hours to fly here from western europe it's so a spectacle of stalin built his prison camps here welcome to russia's new tourist cold spot your mileage minutes. nobody doubts destroy the natural beauty of your mother or the exotic foreigner that they have here what does this place look like a tourist paradise to you while certainly the local authority thinks so they're
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hoping to turn emails limitations into advantages extreme tours will give travelers a chance to go where few others have been before. there are plans afoot to rebuild a former prison camp as a memorial of the horrors of the soviet purges and the cold weather means the local museum houses the best preserved mammoth in the entire world and the good ones those who are scared of your mark are scared of themselves the tourists we are hoping to see are the ones prepared to go i want to real cheer. as the producer of ninety percent of russia's gas is not for the tourism will help its indigenous peoples struggling to make a living from the traditional the magic reindeer herding lifestyle the locals world is hungry for experiences and souvenirs. and used to be nomads of course but at least given their way to leave and i have so many stories to tell. from last
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year eight thousand foreign visitors braved the model but one of the refers to the airport more routes and a brand new luxury hotel there arriving in greater numbers every day. for me it's the moments that make this place unique you know it's one thing to see it on t.v. but to be here for the romes died and were later found it's amazing. the odds for tour. success here are long but does the world get smaller people want to go further and there are a few places far away at the mall eager of humala going to screech and. stay with us here on r.t. an eastern hour is up next with business news after a short break. if. he gave it.
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to me. just. sixty. culture is that so much a given to each musician of our time the market for the killing of osama bin ladin what has changed us president barack obama says justice has been done and that the world is better and a safer place. a moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. nurse her hand to suffer to the end of the line.
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was the first but probably not the last military uses of this weapon. many more will need come. chill home come on get on in the wealthy british style. sometimes the time. markets finance come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our cheap. hello and welcome to business here in our chief worst of this hour russia's largest car maker off the votes have a strong start to the year the car giant almost doubled sales between january and
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april parents of the same period last year off the vase is still benefiting from the successful clash for clunkers program and managed to increase exports hi fifty percent this is the period let's take a look now at how the markets are performing this our oil prices settled a low word drags out by a sharp decline in silver metal dropped over seven percent after the main u.s. metals exchange my next hikes margins margin requirements to trade silver moving still fears of a similar margin increase for oil plus energy prices are weighed down by the stronger of u.s. dollar. and the asian markets hong kong shares are up as you lower amid falling global commodity prices and worries over monetary tightening by china bank saying drops over one percent this hour and japan's exchanges will close for a constitution the oriel day the figure you can see on the screen here is from monday. and here in russia the arts yes in my sex trade in yesterday's session
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heavily in the red way down by weaker commodity prices almost all shares as well were on both courses although trading volumes have been light as the week has said respond by public holidays. and here are the index movers on the my sex energy majors and banks were among the top losers on both exchanges gas pump finished down over four percent to be ended over three percent in the grab power generating company oji kate five slid more than five percent on reports in may cancel its to do dividend payment rather for last year. now over and yes i can use at renaissance capital believes that despite the current negative sides of a stronger euro could push russian stocks higher. we can expect to be continued. or will strain and we can expect to continue pressure on the. fear is that.
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oil companies are going to pay higher taxes well price who it's more so for them but for the consumers who will fix all those things and leave on the negative side the big. strong since world we've. made free for decision again and while you are looks like a mess right now we will be problems in europe in particular and all those. results so far he says he's raising rates and you're going to have some investors are. sort of for respect. it's the key when you are israelis and we know that if we were is raising. its presence of russian stores reacts imposing some sort of this boost in store so we can expect. from from currency world trade. and that's it from the business for now more for you and not than an hour
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that's here next with the latest. wealthy british style same old same sometimes guys look at the current.
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market and come to find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headline used to mean to cause a report on our. morning's today violence is once again flared up the full these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. change hope for asians are on the day. the book. a moment when the world has changed forever.
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thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. and noone to suffer today in the land. that was the first but probably not the last military uses of this weapon. commonly morning will meet. children muhammad get on in the future.


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